On the Edge

Dillon and Robbie’s Dad have not been allowed anywhere near them or their Mum for two yearssince he attacked their Mum. So when he rings up out of the blue telling he would like to take themout, Dillon ought to be suspicious. But Robbie’s not worried and keen to go on an adventure and the next minute Dads standing at the door. He says Mum will be fine about it, he looks like he’s changed, but soon enough they realise they become less convinced. Something’s not right. Dillon and Robbie find themselves ending up in a very dangerous situation of life or death. A story of love, darkness and drama.

This book is particularly suited for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers. The story does contain mild violence that less mature or sensitive readers might not want to read, but it is seen as a stepping stone to more sophisticated books.
I think this is a really good book for the suggested types of readers, it has many features of a good story that you can follow, though I did see it as very predictable story line from foreshadowing throughout the book. However it is a short story so this may be ideal for those who can find books too heavy to get on with.
This book definitely did have drama to it and was a quite honestly believing situation that people could be in and I was glad but also scared that this situation was brought to the surface because it is something that does actually happen in real life, so I was quite moved by that Hinton was writing a story to thrill but also to raise general awareness.