One Day, So Many Ways

Discover what life is like for children from around the world every day. Meet children from over 40 countries, exploring the differences and similarities between their daily lives. Over 24 hours, readers will follow a variety of children as they wake up, eat, go to school, play, learn and go about their everyday routine. One day, so many ways…

Spanning the globe from Galway to Soweto to Disko Bay in Greenland and many places in between, this celebration of daily life around the world is an utter delight. Each two-page spread highlights a specific part of the average day and presents a diverse array of homes, families, foods, schools and past-times.

While the differences between cultures and countries are vivid and clear, it is striking how the commonalities in the children’s lives are revealed, making this a thoroughly relatable read for curious young minds.

The beautiful illustrations by Loris Lora combine a retro Mid-Century style with influences from pop culture and Lora’s Mexican upbringing. The resulting strong colours and vibrant faces bring the book to riotous life.

Author Laura Hall is a former travel writer and One Day, So Many Ways is her first book for children. It was inspired by her lifelong fascination with the little things that make daily life different around the world. But what resonates the most is how well these simple stories succeed in showing that while we may be different, in many ways we are also the same. A wonderful, empathetic message in a stunningly designed production. Highly recommended.