Open up, Please!

The talented team at Minibombo have done it again! The creators of the wonderful Black Cat, White Cat, The White Book and Near, Far bring us another gorgeous interactive picturebook for very young readers. Open Up, Please! leaves the reader in charge of six coloured keys which can open the cages of six different animals and set them free. Will you lift the flaps and release the caged creatures? The book also comes with a warning not to touch the big brown box. A word to the wise – the consequences of doing so are not for the faint-hearted!

This almost wordless picturebook is extremely stylish while remaining very accessible. Clean lines, gentle colours and simple shapes adorn each two-page spread as well as the easy-to-lift flaps for little fingers which reveal the cute prisoners waiting to escape. The book’s almost home-made style also provides a perfect platform for extension activities for the reader. On the Minibombo website there are lots of fun craft ideas and downloadable sheets based on the title, which means the story does not have to end at the last page of the book.

All these elements combined with the very brave and wickedly funny ending make this book an ideal one to share with pre-schoolers.