Outside: A Guide to Discovering Nature

Winner of the Bologna Ragazzi award in 2015, this amazing book is full of information and hints for outdoor activities to get even the most reluctant couch potato up and out. Part encyclopaedia, part instructional guide, it is written in plain, straightforward terms which will appeal to reluctant readers and fact aficionados alike. The writers have an appreciation of the natural world around us whether we dwell in big urban areas or in the heart of the country, and the central tenet of the book is simple observation and taking time to go outside and observe what is all around but often ignored, from insect life to birds and trees to weather systems.

The activities recommended are free and fun whilst the information is educational without being patronising – everything from planets to cloud formations is explained in simple terms, with fantastic illustrations. As a reference guide, it’s an incredibly useful edition to have to hand and is broad and basic enough to provide a springboard to reading more on particular topics that appeal, while having enough information to educate and satisfy the curious. Highly recommended to readers of 8 +.