Pirate lovers will adore the story of Pi-Rat, a fearsome pirate rat, ‘the most rascally rat to sail the seas’. Replete with the obligatory eye-patch and red head-scarf, Pi-Rat gets up to all sorts of adventures, stealing dinners and treasure, breaking all the rules and shouting out ‘arrr me hearties’, as pirates generally do! Nothing scares the fearsome Pi-Rat, not even sharks or crocodiles. But ‘shiver me timbers’, there is one creature that can put Pi-Rat in his place, and that’s the pirate queen mumster, aka mummy rat. It turns out that Pi-Rat’s entire adventure takes place in his bath, before Mum comes to rescue him with a towel and clean pyjamas! Rats are rarely appealing, but Pi-Rat is a particularly cute little rat with a mischievous grin.

Beautifully illustrated using a palette of muted blues and greys, combined with simple text set against copy book background and into speech bubbles, Pi-Rat is a fun book that young readers will enjoy flicking through by themselves or having read to them. The graphic-design style illustrations truly capture the vulnerability of Pi-Rat, who like many little tearaway pirates wreak havoc during the day, but can be transformed into sweet angels after bath time when they are ready to lay down their swords for the night.