Plant, Sow, Make and Grow

Plant, Sow, Make and Grow is an activity book for budding gardeners with a simple low-stress approach to producing fruit, vegetables and flowers. Packed full of information and easily achievable activities, Plant, Sow, Make and Grow will tempt everyone to get outside and start growing a garden of their own.

Opening with a handy guide to all the tools and other bits and pieces the novice gardener will need to get started, the book kicks off in Spring and cycles through the seasons explaining the best times to plant and harvest particular crops and how to tend to them in the times in between. In addition to the practical gardening advice, there are linked craft activities such as building bughouses, making a watering can and carving homegrown pumpkins.

Author Esther Coombs was inspired to write this book when she took on the job of creating both a garden and a gardening club at her daughter’s school and has pitched her instructions perfectly to a young school-age audience. Each project featured is outlined in a simple but effective step-by-step way with full colour illustrations accompanying and enhancing the descriptive text.

The activities are designed to be accessible and approachable and the author’s obvious enthusiasm for the world of the garden plot is clear on every page. Simply put, this book makes you want to get out and start digging. A new hobby and a bountiful harvest of nature’s goodies surely awaits all who choose to get inspired by this wonderful book.