Podkin One Ear

Sure to be a big hit with young lovers of fantasy, Podkin One Ear is a gripping, page-turner by Kieran Larwood. A story within a story, this is the tale of the legendary Podkin One Ear, the warrior rabbit who stood up to the cruel and fearsome Gorm, as told by the visiting bard to the young rabbits at Thornwood, on Bramblemas Eve.

According to the legend, Podkin was just an ordinary rabbit, a bit on the lazy side, and with little or no interest in inheriting the role of chieftain from his father, when the terrifying Gorm invade their underground world and cause complete destruction. Forced to flee, Podkin and his two siblings encounter many dangers in their journey to overcome evil.

Beautifully written with humour and sensitivity, and a great storyline, Podkin One Ear is an exploration of good and evil and the conditions in which both can flourish. Podkin was not born a natural ‘hero’ but becomes one in the journey to protect his family, his tribe and the values which he stands up for. Conversely, the Gorm were not born evil, but were made monstrous by the poison they encountered when they ‘dug too deep’. This is not just a tale about the adventures of a group of rabbits. It is the age-old and sadly current story of people who are forced to flee from wars and conflict in search of a better life. David Wyatt’s pen and ink drawings which are dotted throughout, bring the characters to life. A fantastic read.