Pony on the Twelfth Floor

Polly has dreamed of every possible way to get a pony. She’s pony-mad and wants nothing more than to prove herself showjumping at Olympia. She can almost hear the crowds go wild! So, imagine her delight when she finds a plump, friendly pony munching his way through the flapjacks at the local supermarket. Polly really should walk him down to the police station and report him. But this could be her ticket to fulfilling all of her dreams. One problem, though. How do you keep a pony on the twelfth floor of a high-rise without Mum finding out? Determined to finally have a pony, Polly ignores all the little details and keeps Flapjack in her bedroom. What could go wrong?

Whether you’re pony-mad or not, this is a brilliant story of wish-fulfilment and following your dreams. Polly is clever, inventive and determined to keep Flapjack just a little bit longer. With unbridled eagerness, she manages to rope a diverse, amusing cast of well-described and completely believable characters into supporting her plan, in spite of the chaos that follows hilarious action throughout. Polly even gets them to reveal much about their own lives. Wonderfully diverse, the story is actually a realistic depiction of what it really means to be a community. The illustrations perfectly demonstrate the humour and feeling of a plot-line that is easy to follow and fun to read with pitch-perfect pacing. With a bit of drama and loads of laughs, this warm-hearted, hilarious story ticks all the boxes.