Professional Crocodile

It is morning and Mr Crocodile is dreaming. The alarm rings, we see him stretch, open the curtains and start his morning routine before he begins his job. But what does he do exactly? Mr Crocodile begins his commute through detailed water-colour illustrations of an everyday city that children will recognise, but with the added extra of jungle animals in full human attire, all partaking in normal daily activities.

From the moment we see Mr Crocodile dreaming in his bed, to the moment he arrives at work, we are drawn into how ordinary his day is, and wonder where he is going in a full suit. He passes through busy streets, he peers in a dentist’s window, and for a moment we think that may be his job. He boards a busy underground carriage, where there are characters with detailed nuances, including other jungle animals in their work clothes. As he arrives at the end of his journey, Mr Crocodile strolls down a street where he buys flowers and a roast chicken. He enters a park and passes a window, tossing flowers to a lady working there and then begins his working day. Those curious enough to peep under the book’s dustcover can discover what Mr Crocodile’s actual job is.

Zoboli and Di Giorgio have created a beautiful story, where the details of the journey reveal more about Mr Crocodile than his day job. Delicately illustrated to capture people (and animals) in their city lives.