Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure

In this book Professor Astro Cat takes us with him and his pet mouse on a fascinating atomic adventure into the world of physics. From gravity to molecules to nuclear physics this is a stimulating non-fiction book for anyone interested in the world we live in, especially any young scientists fascinated by facts and knowledge. The glossary at the end is insightful and readers are bound to impress their peers with all of these facts and information.

This book is not just about physics, it’s about interesting and funny stories about people, numbers, and facts. The content of this book is of a high quality without bombarding readers without too many facts, figures and statistics. The text is laid out in a friendly way with each topic spanning a double page spread. Throughout the book there is an interwoven narrative between Professor Astro Cat and a mouse that makes this book all the more enjoyable to read. The illustrations are bold, colourful and graphic, and play a very important role.

This book is for young readers but the rich content and clear design make it suitable for older readers. It has a place on everyone’s bookshelf, whether readers might like to read it all in one sitting or dip in and out of it throughout their lives.