Psychosilly is silly in places with a few good verses but many awkward ones where rhyme and metre collapse and Murphy becomes too zany. He gets cloudy as to meaning and when total meaning is not needed the word play is only fairly good fun:

A pair of trousers for a tree
A worm with its own wardrobe.

The overall feel is however somewhat sham-psychedelic as in The Pineapple Republic:

Here in the grandeur of giddy dreams
Birds alight on our grassy schemes,
Worms are watching us make laws up
And the whole world shines like a big gold cup.

Zany certainly but over-the-top-twee. Murphy is better with In Praise of Buttocks:

Firm or wobbly, fat or thin,
Those swellings will always make me grin,
Like hillocks of pleasure that happily chime,
They’re humble yet noble, they’re yours and they’re mine.

The intention is to turn everything upside down in the world but Murphy is not as neat as a Mr Topsy Turvy text. He seems disorganised and unintentionally topsy-turvy where the lines could have been turned to better effect. For instance:

In the holy land
A rabbi planned
A Passover snack
And a lunch was packed.

Get over his laziness and clumsiness and you might get into this but all in all its lacks lustre and has a rushed into print feel except for the illustrations that saves a bit of face. A pig with sunglasses is funny. Visually good, verbally unchallenging.