Raymond is a small dog with a big idea. His family treat him like a human – they bring him to the hairdresser, they throw him surprise birthday parties – but he’s still very much their beloved doggo until, one day, Raymond decides to become a full part of the family and join them sitting at the dinner table. The rest of the dogs in town follow suit, and soon all are walking around on two legs, going to the cinema and reading doggie magazines – just like humans. And just like real humans, they start to get real jobs.

Raymond’s job as a rover-ing journalist for Dogue magazine sends him all over the country and works him to the bone, but his human family help him reconnect with his doggy self and he realizes that a dog’s life ain’t so bad after all.

Engagingly told and illustrated by the French team of artistic brothers Yann and Gwendal Le Bec, Raymond is a children’s book that was written with a very strong message to the adult reader-out-loud sitting on the side of the bed – a lovely story for every Mum, Dad, Auntie, Uncle or guardian who may have lost touch with the simple pleasures of life.