Read the Book, Lemmings!

It’s a popular misconception that lemmings, while migrating, are prone to throwing themselves en masse off cliffs. Even lemmings believe this themselves, but, as this book shows, they can be quite a suggestible bunch of furry, cuddly creatures.

Aboard the good ship S.S. Cliff, a cargo ship in the shape of a whale, First Mate Foxy tries to educate his three shaggy shipmates with a book he is reading about lemmings. The only problem is, every time the miniscule mammals hear Foxy read out the word ‘jump’ they, well, jump. Foxy, after several exasperating rescue attempts, decides he must help the lemmings to read the book for themselves – it’s the only way they will understand the message – but first he must teach them to read.

OHora’s simple lines and flat colours will appeal to younger readers. The whale cargo ship and its curmudgeonly controller, the ursine Captain PB, are very nicely realised. The message for the impressionable lemmings and the reader alike are clear – eschew fake news, don’t follow the crowd blindly and Read The Book, Lemmings!