Recipe for a Story

Recipe For a Story is the latest offering from talented author illustrator Ella Burfoot, whose earlier picture books included Betty and the Yeti, and Darkness Slipped In

A charming story that compares the creative process of making a story with the artistic skill required to bake a cake, Recipe For a Story certainly has all the right ingredients to reel in young readers.

Just like when a cook makes a cake, the little girl at the heart of this story ‘weighs out words’, and adds ‘feelings, colours, sounds and a picture’ to add flavour to her mixture, until finally she produces a ‘delicious read’, but not before she has glazed it with happiness. Parents and educators will be delighted to hear that every sentence will taste much better with a full stop and capital letter!

With baking experiencing a universal comeback among toddlers and teens alike, Burfoot has hit on a superb idea for a story for younger readers, many of whom know their way round a bag of flour, and are no strangers to the cupcake revolution! 

Like a beautiful cake, this story is rich with ingredients, including gorgeous vintage-style kitchen imagery, pretty pastel colours, and the perfect balance of text. The writing is elegant and rhythmic and is made for reading aloud. 

A beautiful book to keep, suitable for the 0-4 and 5-7 readers.