Return to Ribblestrop

Calling all Ribblestrop fans. Term time is about to commence at this unusual school and the new instalment of life at Ribblestrop Towers will not disappoint. From beginning to end, term time is fraught with rib-tickling incidents that would frustrate the most tolerant of headmasters.

From the outset, Millie’s journey is fraught with difficulties, albeit at her own hand. She has overspent in the duty free and finds herself without funds to make it to her new school. Rescue is at hand in the form of Father O’Hanrahan, the new chaplain and exorcist, and Brother Doonan, a potential teacher. After an eventful journey Millie arrives at school and together with Sam, Ruskin and Ollie they become players in a school routine that would be the envy of anyone. With the arrival of four-legged refugees from the circus, life is about to be anything but mundane.

Andy Mulligan, once again, allows his imagination create a tongue-in-cheek irreverence to school rules and discipline. The hilarious narrative is worthy of reading and rereading to raise more laughs each time.