A young, lonely girl fails to get the attention of her busy father yet again. So she returns to the world she created in the previous instalments, Journey and Quest, where she has found friendship and adventure. This time, the father notices his daughter’s absence. He and follows her into the magical realm – populated by kings, castles, canals, and exquisite landscapes – and travels by air to persuade her to come home. It will take something very powerful to get her to return this time, as father and daughter find themselves on the run from an evil emperor who has developed a box that can capture and destroy all the wonders that stand in his way. As an enchanting and exciting back story is unveiled, can her father rise to rescue one girl’s imaginary world?

As we reach the end of the lonely girl’s story, each page is an ethereal illuminated artwork that celebrates the power of imagination and emotion. Return is thought-provoking and filled with nuance and meaning. This is a book that longs to have time spent with it, much like the central character. Rich and textural tapestries of colour and image evoke adventure, movement and the utter joy of discovery. The total wordlessness of the book invites interpretation, discussion and story-telling, adding an impact that should not be underestimated. That the story can (and will!) change with each reading stands as testament to the detailing and content on each page. Visually stunning, this is one for all ages to ponder and enjoy.