Revolting Records

Have you heard about the sneaky Western Australian Christmas Tree? Do you know where the delectable treat of deep fried Monkey Toes is enjoyed? Have you learnt the rules of Maggot racing?

If by chance the answer to any of these questions is “No”, remedy this deficit in knowledge by reading Anne Rooney's Revolting Records. It is a compendium of curious creatures, strange scientists and manky meals. Very much from the Horrible Histories school of non-fiction (they even share an illustrator in Mike Philips), Revolting Records has a wide range of gross and interesting facts, which are ranked in splashes of sick, 1 (kinda yuck) to 5 (most vomitous). Of course this kind of books hinges on the quality of the miscellaneous information to be gleaned from them, and fortunately this book has plenty of squishy facts and stories I have repeated to others after reading. It looks at everything from history, to science, medicine, sport and culture.

Anne Rooney writes in an approachable, interactive style, often asking readers if they agree or disagree with her rankings. The illustrations are also a lot of fun, with the right balance of cartoon and detail.

Revolting Records is produced by Barrington Stroke, a publisher who specialise in approachable books for reluctant and dyslexic readers. Designed as a dyslexia-friendly book, Revolting Records is a treat that is suitable for everyone, an accessible read and perfect for anyone looking a quick fix of "ewww" in their day.