Rock War 1: Rock War

Jay, Summer and Dylan are young aspiring musicians, all from extremely different backgrounds. Their separate journeys towards the same music competition are followed in this new Muchamore series, ‘Rock War’. Each has their own issues in life to deal with, but they all choose to put music first when they join bands and begin practising for contests.

Like me, you may know Muchamore’s writing from his ‘Cherub’ and ‘Henderson’s Boys’ series. This novel, while a completely different type of book, does its best to keep up with his usual fast-paced action with an electrifying tone throughout the story. 

The story is simple and a bit predictable, but definitely an enjoyable read. Each character has their own fully developed background, giving the reader an insight into the three very different lives they lead. It is a well written novel, with detailed descriptions and a must-read for YA readers with any interest in music. 

Rock War has a great deal of crude language and deals with exceedingly adult themes, especially considering that most of the characters were only in their early teens, of self-harm and various romantic encounters.