Rugby Rebel

Released in fitting time to coincide with the grandeur of Ireland’s recent retention of the Six Nations title is Rugby Rebel, by Gerard Siggins.

It’s a new term for Eoin Madden at Castlerock School and Eoin is finding it a lot more challenging. Not only does he have to overcome all the testing challenges of being promoted to the Junior Cup Rugby team, but he has to find a way to balance this with schoolwork and thievery in the dorms.

His secret peaceful escape from all his everyday school troubles are the nearby woods, which just so happen to be haunted, but Eoin doesn’t mind that. The ghosts are friendly, though there’s a new spirit that he’s doesn’t know anything about except he wears a Belvedere rugby jersey.

Rugby Spirit and Rugby Warrior are Gerard Siggins’ other books relating to Eoin Madden, all of which have been highly praised by the Irish media and Rugby Rebel is no different. Gerard Siggins has put in a lot of work to retain historical significances and Rugby Rebel is an entertaining read for the young fans of Irish rugby.