Sam Hannigan’s Woof Week

Sam Hannigan and her friend Ajay love animals. When Sam’s next-door neighbour is cruel to his dog Barker, she uses her grandad’s invention, the Brain Swap 3000, to inhabit Barker’s body and give the dastardly neighbour a fright he’ll never forget. All goes according to plan – until the Brain Swap 3000 runs out of power and Sam is trapped in Barker’s body for four whole days. What follows is a mad-cap adventure that sees Sam attempting to live in a dog’s body without anybody guessing – see how she manages to fool Nanny Gigg, attend school and even win an Irish dancing competition and become an Internet sensation! Fame brings Sam to the attention of ‘Jolly’ Roger Fitzmaurice, who wants Sam/Barker to front his new ad campaign for Jolly Roger Dog Biscuits. But what Sam and Ajay find out at the dog biscuit factory is shocking – animals are being cruelly treated, enslaved and killed….. they simply have to do something about it!

An exciting and funny read, with lots of action and elements of fantasy and farce. The slapstick comedy supports serious themes of cruelty to animals and bullying. The final resolution of the story celebrates that everyone can have a part to play in making the world a better place.

Alan Nolan illustrates his own story with energy and wit. In your eagerness to find out what happens to Sam and the animals, don’t be tempted to skip the comic panels throughout the book – they are fun and tell an important part of the story.