Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Ghosts

After the Incident That Must Never Be Mentioned Again, Sam Wu has to prove to the school bully that he is not a scaredy cat. No easy task when he is indeed even scared of his own cat Butterbutt. With a gift for talking big and acting small, Sam finds himself the reluctant owner of a large pet snake that impresses his friends but terrifies himself. When the creature escapes, the lights go off and clanking noises are heard from upstairs, Sam has to dig deep to find his own true courage.

With his adored TV series Space Blasters and his loyal friends Zoe and Bernard, Sam Wu is an endearingly goofy hero. Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates fans will feel at home with the startling, and often startled, black and white cartoons scattered amid a prose that’s sprinkled generously with capitals and bold print. Beyond the laughs, young readers will identify with Sam’s many fears, from bullies to the dark, to worrying his friends won’t like his parents’ cooking, and admire his enterprise in facing them. This warm-hearted romp embraces friendship, cultural diversity and Chinese food, from congee to bak gou. With a sequel due in July, the ‘Sam Wu is Not Afraid of …’ series promises to be popular with boys and girls gaining confidence in reading alone.