Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes

Dara Ó Briain, the intelligent and brilliantly funny author of Beyond the Sky, has written a second book for children called Secret Science.

In Beyond the Sky, the mysteries of the universe were explored. In Secret Science, Ó Briain turns his attention to the amazing world of our everyday lives. The book explains all of the incredible science that occurs from the moment we wake up to the time we drift off to sleep.

Ever wondered what that strange falling sensation we get when we’re about to fall asleep is? Or pondered about what people will eat in 2118? Secret Science provides answers to your scientific questions and is sure to pique readers’ curiosity about our fascinating world.

Ó Briain reminds readers that this is not a school book, and we don’t have to read every page. He tells readers to jump ahead, to skip bits they find boring and get to the parts they find most interesting.

Secret Science is informative and incredibly entertaining, with Dan Bramall’s illustrations adding even extra humour to the book. Young readers interested in learning more about the invisible inner-workings of our world are sure to enjoy Secret Science.