Secret Treasures of Ancient Egypt

This book has been published to coincide with the British Museum exhibition ‘Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds’. It is the story of two magnificent ancient cities, Canopus and Thonis-Heracleion, which once stood at the mouth of the river Nile.

The cities were thriving, busy ports until catastrophe struck causing them to sink under the sea. For centuries they were lost until the use of sonar by underwater archeologists enabled them to locate the ancient sites and so the excavation began.

The book is laid-out in double-page spreads; each spread covering a specific topic including how the cities’ inhabitants lived and worshipped. It also covers the relationship between Ancient Egypt and the Greek World.

The main text is clear and concise and is complemented with additional information contained in speech bubbles. Thought-provoking questions and tasks are also included.

The brightly coloured illustrations and photographs beautifully complement the text.

Key words are highlighted and defined on most pages, and the index has a listing of the photographs of the artifacts in the book. There is a simple fold-out map and a helpful timeline at the back.

For anyone unable to visit the exhibition, the book provides an opportunity to follow the undersea exploration and to understand the significance of the items discovered.