Secret Tree Fort

Imagine a magical tree fort. Now imagine a magical tree fort wilder than your wildest dreams and then imagine you’re not invited. That’s precisely what happens in this beautifully observed story.

With her head firmly buried in a book, a young reader stubbornly ignores her rambunctious little sister as they are forced to play in the garden together, but slowly and surely tales outside the pages of her book unfold around her.

With the joy and innocence of youth, the younger sibling prances and hops and spins around the garden imagining her very own secret fort in a desperate bid to tempt her sister into playing with her.

In evermore elaborate scenarios, the fort unfurls its wonderful treasures, including a water-balloon launcher and emergency marshmallow storage facility, each more far-fetched and magnificent than the last. Characters are conjured up, including mischievous monsters, peeved pirates and cranky crocodiles, all presented in vivid Technicolor line against the more tempered palette of their real world surroundings.

The cleverly designed layout of the pages lends itself perfectly to a reader taking their very first steps into the world of graphic novels, and the dynamics of the girls’ relationship is cleverly and sensitively played out, both visually and in conversation.

An exquisite celebration of the power of the imagination, sure to strike a chord with anyone with a sibling or anyone who has ever dared to dream something truly magnificent.