Shake the Tree!

A hungry little mouse spies a tasty-looking nut hanging from the top of a too-tall tree. How will he reach it? A thought suddenly strikes – why not shake, shake, shake the tree until it falls into his waiting hands? But unfortunately all that shaking loosens something (or is it someone?) else from the tree, and so begins a surprising adventure featuring a menagerie of animals each one hungrier than the next…

Shake the Tree! is the latest picturebook from minibombo, an Italian children’s publishing house dedicated to creating innovative and interactive picturebooks for young children and the grown-ups who read along with them. The simple concept of shaking the book to shake the tree to uncover the many surprises within the story is a great way to encourage reader participation and makes the book a wonderful thing to share with the tiniest of readers.

The illustrations by Silvia Borando are cute and colourful, and the story builds beautifully on that initial hungry mouse to encompass a whole host of increasingly large and ravenous beasts who are all lurking in that tree, waiting to be shaken out and discovered.

In addition, the minibombo website ( features a range of craft activities based on the book which can be downloaded and printed, and add greatly to the overall fun. Shake the Tree! is a delight from start to finish and a perfect read-aloud to add to your next story time.