SHOUTYKID: How Harry Riddles Mega-Massively Broke the School

Harry Riddle is once again ready to share the ups and downs of his chaotic life. The hilarious heartfelt language draws the reader into Harry’s world where his brain is travelling at supersonic speed. He readily shares his worries, anxieties and plans with his cousin Charley and some notable members of the establishment. They communicate through text, emails and letters. The tone of his correspondence is both moving and hilarious. His frustration with his Dad who cannot appreciate Harry’s talents and the effort he makes to seek his approval will resonate with many readers. 

Harry is at his wits’ end when his Mum announces that she is expecting twins. He realises that home as he knows it will undergo some changes. In typical Harry fashion, he has a few suggestions as to how these changes can bypass him. 

This is a cleverly written book with great imagery in the text supported by black and white illustrations. The reader feels like Harry is in conversation with them and in so doing provides a page turning adventure for all who take this book up.

A great novel for class work as it gives voice to the many issues and concerns of the 10+ age group while bringing some hilarity to the situation.