Snow Ghost

‘Snow Ghost came shimmering out of the air, searching for somewhere to settle – but where?

Snow Ghost is looking for a place that feels like home. She travels over chilly hills, unwelcoming towns and dense forests until she finds a cosy country farm to settle in. The story of hope and a search for a happy home is timeless and will be enjoyed by all ages, especially during the winter months. Snow Ghost is captured beautifully in the stunning artwork throughout the book, bringing beauty to every snowy scene and breathing magic into children’s play. The illustrations alone are magical and incredibly delicate, making the cold snow and wind enthralling and enchanting. I loved the winter theme; snowball fights and icy air are my favourite winter memories, and the language and illustration captured these moments perfectly.

Overall, Snow Ghost is a heart-warming and very welcoming book, which uses rhyme and imagery along with its beautiful art to create a wintry tale for children and adults alike. I will be recommending it to every child and parent I know this Christmas.