Snow White and the Seven Robots

This short graphic novel is one of a set of eight titles in the Far Out Fairy Tales series. The series takes classic childhood tales and puts a modern twist on them. Jack deals in Nano-beans, Goldilocks is up against vampires and Cinderella becomes Ninjarella. You get the idea. In this story, Snow White is the product of a scientific experiment conducted by the top scientists of Techworld as a gift to their Queen Regent.

As in the classic tale, the Queen is jealous and dislikes competition so she exiles the intelligent young girl who has a knack for fixing robots. However, Snow White’s kind heart and integrity win her many friends and she proves too strong an adversary for the cruel and vain Queen. This book contains all of the original elements of the story but there are robots not dwarves, it is intelligence not beauty that the Queen covets, and it’s chocolate not an apple that poisons Snow White.

The familiar story elements along with the colourful, clear illustrations and simple text make this a perfect comic book for struggling or reluctant readers. The back of the book contains some very useful comprehension tools including a glossary of difficult words, information on the original tale and some visual questions. This book would be a great addition to any classroom or school library.