Some Dinosaurs Are Small

Some dinosaurs are small with tiny teeth for eating fruits and vegetables. Some dinosaurs are big with huge, pointy teeth. And they are always hungry. They take food from small dinosaurs and when they finish eating it, they are still hungry. They go looking for more to eat.  Watch out, small dinosaur! Some dinosaurs are small, some are big and some dinosaurs are ENORMOUS!

What young child doesn’t love dinosaurs? Bright, lively illustrations that bounce across double-page spreads bring excitement and fascination to even the very youngest book-lover. The clean primary palette of colours contains a surprising amount of detail, creating a vision of environment and atmosphere. And the facial expressions of small dinosaur! Priceless! Quirky and clever, the pictures speak of difference and comparison, little and large with a simple, easy-to-remember text delivering drama and just plain silliness while encouraging interaction and creative play within the story. Add to this a sense of comfort when realising that, no matter how big the danger, there is always someone there to help and you have a perfect book to share. So joyful!