Gallagher strikes again! Spies, like many of Gallagher’s other works, can be described as a thrilling, utterly delectable journey into the past. The reader is plunged head first out of the frying pan and into the fire from page one, and the fast-paced action-packed story continues from there.

Gallagher translates the complex nature of politics at the time of the Irish Civil War into an easily accessible story of friendships, adversity and the reality of warfare. Johnny Dunne, a spy working for rebel leader Michael Collins, misses his friends Alice and Stella, the daughter of a British officer. From that premise, Gallagher creates a plot which clearly demonstrates the difficult choices faced by citizens on a daily basis, and illustrates respectfully the truly painful lives people were being forced to lead. Gallagher creates characters involved in friendships, trying desperately to overcome the obstacles placed in their way.

Gallagher uses real-life events and occurrences in his writing which adds an authenticity to the story, and provides opportunity for further investigation – for any budding historians.