Splash Day

Teachers, beware! This splashingly colourful story is sure to give rise to pleading requests among young school-goers for water fights. In Sharratt’s story Splash Day, a class are rewarded for all their hard work with a teacher-student water fight. Paddling pools, water pistols and buckets of water in the schoolyard set the stage for a splashing good time. As the teams assemble in colourful splash-wear, readers can enjoy the rising anticipation for the big splash off and what could be more exciting for young readers than the idea of splashing your teacher!

Bright illustrations set against a crisp white background serve as clear clues for early readers, allowing them to work out the story with little assistance. Simple alliteration, rewarding rhyme and repetition means newly independent readers can have fun and build confidence by reading this story aloud. There is a playfulness to the description of everyone’s chosen water fight outfits and Mrs Mapp’s hairdo-preserving shower cap, which is sure to get a few giggles. When the battle begins, there is no shortage of illustrations to enjoy and something new to spot with every read. Even the end pages and jacket flaps offer readers the bonus of some water-themed jokes and puzzles to enjoy also.

Inspired by an actual Splash Day invented by a Brighton school, this is a simple, colourful and energetic introduction to independent reading for under 8s.