Spycraft: How To Be The Best Secret Agent Ever

From start to finish, this book contains everything you need to know about the thrilling world of espionage. How to set up a spy ring, secret hiding places, code-cracking, making and using invisible ink, becoming an expert at surveillance; it is jammed with tips, tricks, advice and instruction. This manual is both practical and fun!

Each section is colour-coded. The text is clear and concise, but sometimes a little light against the page makes it easy to skim over a little too quickly. The black and white illustrations scattered throughout have a slight retro feel and demonstrate the task explained. It is a handy size for carrying around, but a spiral binding might have made it a bit more useful on the go. Part of the new Buster Know-How series, Spycraft is a course in workbook format to encourage daring, imagination and creative play in children. It is easy to get absorbed in the tasks and experiment with new-found skills. At the end, there is even a certificate!

Of course, at the beginning there is a paragraph on ‘safe spying’ written in a reassuring tone and aimed at cautioning children to never do anything that would place them in real danger, to obey the law and to seek guidance and advice from a responsible adult.

If you have a real sense of adventure, if you have a keen mind and a high interest in becoming a secret agent (and who doesn’t!), look no further!