Stand by Me


Fans of the work of Judi Curtin will be delighted to hear that following on from Time after Time comes the second instalment in the time-travelling adventures of Beth and Molly. Stand by Me is a story of friendship, love and reconciliation with the past. It brings together all the emotions and curiosities that are life and living.

Beth and Molly have resolved to explain the mystery of Graham’s sadness.  The only obstacle to solving this is that Graham (who is Breth’s great-uncle) leads a private and enclosed life.  The girls, while respecting his reluctance to open up, are challenged by their desire to get to the bottom of the ‘mystery’ that is Graham.

How are they going to get the clues necessary to satisfy their curiosity? Their regular visits to his house, the many cups of tea that he lovingly prepares for them don’t seem to lead them anywhere. Then, one day, an opportunity presents itself that is too good to ignore. Can the girls go against what they know they should do or will they use the situation to their advantage?

Beth and Molly’s friendship was taken to another level in the last book when their families moved in together. In Stand by Me we see how they have come to understand each other and find that they have the same beliefs and attitudes. The characters in this book are well rounded, each one with their own stories, some of which have happy endings and some waiting for their epilogue.

A truly engaging read.