Step Inside Homes Through History

This light and pretty book introduces the reader to seven types of housing beginning with the Middle Ages and ending with the present day. The eras have loose parameters and simplified explanations, but there are a lot of interesting things to discover! In describing each home, the author and illustrator offer facts on not just architecture, but on fashion, roofing materials, interior decoration, social history, and even types of entertainment over the centuries.

There are several creative features that make this book stand out. Each section begins with an illustration of the home’s façade, and in each picture the windows are laser cut. This gives the audience a little peek at what is to come. Especially enjoyable are the descriptions of each family that might have lived in the houses. This brings a nice human touch to the content. It is also fun to spot the items of furniture that have been passed down through the years and end up in another home.

The illustrations and text work well and in harmony. There is intricate detail where needed, but the reader is not bogged down by trying to take in too much. Again, the scattering of people adds a friendliness to the pictures.

Though a little wrap-up type of summary would have been nice, Homes Through History was otherwise a completely enjoyable bit of time travel.