Panda has found himself in a very sticky situation. He wants to wrap Owl’s birthday present, but the roll of sticky tape he is using is … particularly sticky! Deer, Rabbit and Mouse come to help him, but things only get stickier and stickier. Some other animals also come along to help sort this sticky situation out, but nothing seems to work! What could get them unstuck?

Sticky is a quirky, funny story with a concept we all relate to: Sometimes our good intentions seem to turn into trouble and even with all the help from our friends they become bigger and messier situations… and of course, the solution is right in front of us, even if somewhat unexpected.

Doherty presents us with a lovely story about friendship and kindness, adding her funny twist. She makes great use of typesetting and word placement amongst her quirky, expressive and painterly characters; the pages in Sticky are filled with movement, colour and feelings, all the feelings little ones have so close to their hearts: love, frustration, helplessness and empathy, all sprinkled with a good dose of friendship.

Sticky is a book that is sure to get giggles from both parents and young ones who will love to stick together all through their reading.