Stitch Head

Castle Grotteskew is home to the mad Professor Erasmus who creates hideously freakish monsters, each one more terrifying than the one before. Then there’s Stitch Head, the Professor’s first creation who is almost human and terribly alone – forgotten, he fears, by his creator. Stitch Head spends his days protecting the castle and the Professor, and his nights dreaming of not being lonely anymore.

When a travelling circus ringmaster, Fulbert Freakfinder, arrives at the gate with a tempting offer, Stitch Head thinks that maybe this could be the chance of getting the life he dreams of. But should he really break his own rule of ‘No Visitors’?

Stitch Head is a character easily empathised with. Although he is incredibly lonely, you can still admire the strength in his self imposed segregation from the other creatures and his vigilant guarding of the castle. You do not pity him, but feel compelled to cheer for him from the side lines. The Creature deserves a mention in his over-the-top vocal skills. He gives you a sore head but at least he makes you laugh.

Bass brings his readers on such a fast, fun, funny journey that sometimes you forget to draw breath and the design of the book and the plays with typeface and font, add to the entertainment rather than distract from it.

There is no doubt that Guy Bass and Pete Williamson make a great team with Williamson’s illustrations always just on the right side of humorously gross. A very enjoyable read.