Strange But True: 10 Of The World’s Greatest Mysteries Explained

This beautiful book is fun, captivating and, in my opinion, one to be shared! An accessible read which lends itself to being either consumed cover to cover in one sitting or used with a ‘dip in and out’ approach. Hulick’s writing invites readers to participate in the story being told by asking questions that can encourage group discussions. Otherwise, the reader needs to channel their inner Sherlock-Holmes and join the dots. Whether it is ‘An Encounter With Aliens’, ‘The Haunted Mansion’ or ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ to name a few, the world’s most interesting debates of ‘fact or fiction’ are explored. The moral of this book is certainly: ‘question everything’ and ‘keep an open mind.’

Gordy Wright’s illustrations are as enthralling as the historical knowledge and scientific facts given. Even after a quick flick through, I found myself sharing the images, much to the delight of friends and family. Wright’s work alongside Hulick’s writing creates an entrancing blend of realism and mysticism, highlighting the ‘art of doubt’ that the book encourages.

I was both excited and intrigued by Strange But True. It is an informative and interactive book begging its readers to participate in the act of discovery and research. Recommended for all who like to be challenged and have their mind blown. This book makes for a fun game, suitable for group readings. Think, ask questions, discuss! Is it fact, or fiction?