Suffragette: The Battle For Equality

At the occasion of the centenary of women’s vote in the United Kingdom, David Robert’s prose and illustrations come together beautifully in a tribute to the women and men who participated in the struggle. Starting in 1832 with the first Great People’s Reform Act, Suffragette records chronologically the important events leading up to Universal Suffrage. Hunger strikes, window- smashing, the tragic death of Emily Wilding Davison are all evoked, but far from your typical history lesson, it also offers some lesser-known and highly-entertaining anecdotes such as the practice of ‘Suffrajitsu’. Young and older readers alike are bound to learn from this read!

Portraits of significant protagonists on the Suffragists, Suffragettes and Antis sides as well as spreads on the various political tools used by campaigners, such as songs, pageants and badges, offer a comprehensive overview of the movement and its nuances. Thorough research hides behind those pages, which is why Roberts’ ability to explain complex notions, such as ‘suffrage’ or ‘consciousness’ with simple, yet not over-simplifying, vocabulary stands out as impressive. Roberts’ illustrations are absolutely stunning and make for an incredibly engaging reading experience: inspired by photographs and written accounts, they capture this pivotal moment of history in a witty and energetic way, quite in keeping with the personality of the real-life characters depicted here. The last pages of the book, tying in with suffrage movements across the world, reminds the reader that ‘the battle for equality’ is still an on-going process. A must-read for all readers aged 9+.