Super Stan

Everyone agrees; Stan is a real superhero. His feats of daring and strength entertain and astound everyone… everyone except his big brother Jack, that is. Whenever Jack does something good, Stan does something amazing. It can be discouraging. Stan even manages to ruin Jack’s birthday treat with his superhero tricks and grabs all the attention by racing the cheetahs and wrestling a lion. But in an unusual turn of events, Jack realises that even superheroes need some help from their big brother.

Tackling the issue of sibling rivalry, Matt Robertson illustrates how tricky it can be when you’re a big brother. Funny and heart-felt, Super Stan is the story of two brothers, the youngest of which just happens to be an attention-grabbing superhero, while the big brother is feeling left out, no matter what he does, until he is called to save the day in his own right. In the illustration’s detail, the reader can easily view the excitement the entire community has about Stan, as opposed to Jack’s sadness and just plain frustration. These are very familiar to a child who has a new brother or sister join them, which makes this an excellent tale of family life. But it does so with a bright, contemporary palette and lively, child-like illustrations and a simple, easy to read text in a bold font that works to create a story that is very appealing and attractive. It is zany, madcap and filled with love and excitement. Fun for the entire family!