Tales from the Hidden Valley: Under the Water

Having brought his readers through autumn, winter and spring in the Hidden Valley, illustrator and writer Carles Porta now presents us with a story about summer, as all our old friends return for another instalment in this inventive and charming series of modern-day folktales. Told with a distinctive style that resonates within the idea of oral performance and reading aloud, Porta delights again with a midsummer mystery of heady proportions as the excitement of the annual Dragon’s Day festivities approaches.

Ticky, Mister Cold and the rest of the gang are mystified by a spate of disappearances as the picnickers on the edge of the lake begin to misplace some of their possessions. Little do they realise that their investigation will lead them to a lonely swamp mermaid and a slumbering giant straight out of Hidden Valley legend!

Reminiscent of Tove Jansson’s beloved Moomin characters, Porta’s artistic style is distinctive in its own right, using a palette of colours that is both striking and unusual. His storytelling continues to delight, as his characters encounter not only a new season but a new friend. Addressing larger themes such as discrimination and isolation, as well as community and tradition, this latest tale from the Hidden Valley will enchant readers of all ages. Whimsical, lyrical and full of gorgeous images, this is an essential summer read.