Taxi Ride with Victor

Victor has always dreamed of becoming the galaxy’s greatest taxi driver, but unfortunately his sense of direction isn’t always up to scratch. Left turn, right turn, go straight ahead – it doesn’t seem to matter. A ride in Victor’s taxi is definitely an adventure, resulting in unpredictable destinations for all his passengers, and ultimately himself.

Adapted from the author’s original German text, Taxi Ride With Victor is a breezy, funny story about a forgetful driver who keeps bringing his fares to the wrong places. However, instead of causing irritation he brings happiness as inevitably he takes people to where they really need to go, whether they know it or not, creating a succession of good deeds for which he is celebrated in the story’s exuberant finale.

Making Victor’s tale memorable and unique are the stunning illustrations by Elsa Klever. These wonderful drawings take every day experiences – like going to the dentist, the library or the post office – and give them a vibrant, intergalactic twist complete with aliens, talking clouds, grumpy ghosts and a giant octopus. The illustrations use a mixture of handmade textures and Photoshop with a hand-lettered text by the illustrator, who was shortlisted for the prestigious World Illustration Awards in 2018 for her work here.

Taxi Ride with Victor is a twisty-turny treat for young readers who will enjoy getting lost with Victor and his friends in this beautifully designed book from Prestel Publishing, one of the world’s leading publishers in the fields of art, architecture, photography and design.