The Big Book of Bugs

Beetles, ladybirds, butterflies, termites, bees and dragonflies are but a few of the creepy-crawlies that spill from the pages of The Big Book of Bugs. This gorgeous non-fiction first guide to flying, stinging and wriggling things explores their natural environments and answers any bug questions young kids might have. Those range from practical interrogations like ‘Are all bugs the same?’ ‘Why do ants march in a line?’ to the more whimsical conundrums like ‘Does a dragonfly breathe fire?’ or ‘What does a moth do all day long?’

Given the breadth of knowledge in this book, it’s impressive how clear and accessible it is to a very young reader. Each stunning double-spread offers detailed, colourful illustrations of each bug accompanied by four or five interesting, succinct facts. There is also a wonderfully playful ‘Can You Find’ element throughout the book. Kids will love the wackier facts on offer too. Did you know that bees do a waggle dance to tell each other where to find fresh flowers? Or that a horsefly can go faster than a car on the motorway?

Mini-beast fanatics will also delight in the suggestions at the back of the book as to how to welcome bugs into your garden and how to speak like a bug expert. The clear table of contents and index pages mean children will easily find the information they’re after.

Author/illustrator Yuval Zommer with the help of bug expert Barbara Taylor has created a captivating book of bugs that young readers will revisit again and again.