The Big Fib

Robbie lives in a tiny, windy, sunny village by the sea with his mum, dad and Granny Knit. Robbie has been spending some time with his Uncle Poached Egg, who tends to tell tall tales and embellish his stories. These little fibs cause no harm, but what happens when Robbie gets caught up in his own fib? Trouble is sure to ensue.

A lovely, charming story about the dangers of telling fibs and how they can get out of control, Asquith’s tale illustrates that although telling lies is not right, they are sometimes necessary so you don’t hurt somebody’s feelings.

The Little Gems series are produced in a nice chunky format with high quality cream paper, Barrington Stoke font and beautiful illustrations on every page. The additional bonus of activities in the flaps of the book jacket allows readers to interact with and put their own stamp on the story. A great way to help make the jump to independent reading and an accessible read to those with dyslexia.