The Book of Clouds

Ever looked up into the sky and wondered about clouds? Well, wonder no more. This cloudy compilation of poetry, art and a good pinch of humour by Latvian poet Kronbergs, appeals to the skygazer in us all. The twenty-five poems in this book tell a story of clouds; from how they move and travel, to how they shapeshift and of course how they transform weather. Interspersed throughout, Melece’s art reflects the comic nebulous nature of clouds. Impish faces anthropomorphise the cumulus characters in different skies, brought to life by a truly playful array of mixed media and watercolours.

The sky world above is a place full of interactive characters as different as people on the streets. It carries changing moods and voices, different sounds and dreams. The world below is for those of us who consider the clouds. The book still fulfils the need for information and carries a brief encyclopaedia of names in both their Latin and meteorological labels.

The little hardback feels like a notebook that allows space for the individual creativity of the reader to bloom. There are pages to fill with words or drawings, a chance to learn some Latvian weather words, and inspiration and ideas of how to write your own poem about clouds.

A book that will inspire you to look up, observe and listen to the sky.