The Bookshop Cat

Never happier than when you have your nose stuck in a book? Then you will certainly appreciate the bibliophile nature of the black cat in The Bookshop Cat by Sindy Wume.

This black cat comes from a long line of high-achieving, career-driven felines—pastry chefs, dancers, mechanics, and everything in between. However, he loves nothing more than nestling down with a good book, and not much else aside from that other than exploring.

Can you imagine his delight when he happens upon a bookshop, a shop full of wonder and imagination, and can you imagine his delight when the proprietor’s granddaughter offers him the job of his dreams? You might hope this is the purrfect ending to this tale but alas,

disaster strikes when the bookshop floods. Desperate to rescue their books and the future of the bookshop, and with determination and grit, the cat and Violet hatch a clever plan to attract their customers back.

Brimming with stunning, vibrant illustrations throughout, The Bookshop Cat is a joyous celebration of determination, unity, friendship and the importance of following your dreams. No doubt this book will inspire a whole hoard of eager readers keen to go anywhere and be anything by escaping into a good book.