The Colours of History: How Colours Shaped the World

There is something for everyone in this colourful, well-designed book: adventure, danger, discovery, intrigue and more! From ancient times to present day, colour has shaped our perceptions and engagement with the world and drawing on history, chemistry, sociology and economics, Gifford tells the story of how colours we take for granted today came into being.

With a high shudder factor (did you know that the popular colour mummy brown was made from ground up ancient Egyptian mummies?), this engaging narrative will hold the attention of young readers of all abilities while the graphic style illustrations will draw them in to the events described making the whole a satisfying read.

But there is more. Young readers will be inspired by this book to follow their interests, to be active readers and learners, to find out more about periods in history, understand more about the discovery of colour and the processes involved and perhaps most excitingly experiment with colours themselves. A fascinating book ideal as a gift and perfect for the school or classroom library, highly recommended.