The Confidence Code for Girls

The Confidence Code for Girls is based on the idea that girls can do anything – all they need is confidence. But confidence can be hard to come by, especially in a world that still has very fixed opinions on what girls can and cannot, should and should not do. This is where the Code comes in, teaching girls how to be confident, and more importantly, that there is nothing wrong with girls being confident and reaching their full potential.

Katty Kay and Claire Shipman are a powerful writing double act. Their journalistic prose is accessible and empowering, yet never overwhelming or overbearing. Laid out like an instruction manual but reading as a warm and relatable guide book, The Confidence Code for Girls is interspersed with interviews with experts and real-life examples. Its use of graphic novel strips is clever and fun.

This is a dynamic guide for girls which not only urges them to be confident and ambitious, but to believe in themselves and to acknowledge their right to self-worth. This is not a guide that encourages girls to strive for perfection. Kay and Shipman take great pains to communicate to their readers that we are all amazingly imperfect and that young girls can actually draw power from their imperfections, and from their own uniqueness.