The Cutest Thing Ever

The Cutest Thing Ever is a fun-filled explosion of cuteness. It starts with a darling little bat asking the reader if they want to see the cutest thing ever. What ensues is a series of adorable illustrations and nonsensical prompts that grow more and more complex with each turn of the page, ultimately leading to the biggest reveal – the cutest thing ever – at the very end of the book.

Small children will have a lovely time looking at Hsinping Pan’s huggable characters, all depicted in simple yet effective shapes and showcasing sugary colours that add exponentially to the cute factor. The fact that readers will encounter myriad creative ideas mashed up together – including kittens wearing hats, a parade of koalas, bunnies flying through space, a unicorn and even a rainbow road – will speak directly to children’s imaginative minds.

The Cutest Thing Ever is an excellent entry point for children who want to start reading words by themselves. The text is set in a hand-drawn font, all in capital letters, and just like the illustrations, the type becomes more and more colourful as the book progresses. This giggle-filled read for little ones is set at a pace that is both friendly and engaging, showing Ignatow’s skill and ability to captivate her audience. These several layers of sweetness make The Cutest Thing Ever a delightful book.