The Dictionary of Difficult Words

For any reader ebullient about words this book is a ripsnorter. Packed with four hundred unusual words from ‘absquatulate’ to ‘zygodactyl’ and everything in between, it’s sure to appeal to the little abecedarian in your life.

Lexicographer Jane Solomon has amassed a smorgasbord of words both frabjous and blithesome that are fun to say and have interesting meanings. Words are selected for their ability to describe beautiful things (such as a moonbow), for their length (triskaidekaphobia) and also for how funny they sound (try flibbertigibbet and hurdy gurdy). Elements of speech and language are also explained; nouns, adjectives and verbs as well as the important phonetic spelling of the words, making them easier to pronounce.

Lockhart’s illustrations are graphic designs of the words where bold colours, cut-out shapes and overlapped patterns convey the meaning with iconic panache – the ichthyologist being particularly humorous.

So don’t be a ninnyhammer, climb into your snuggery and immerse yourself in these pages – I guarantee it will make you perfectly sesquipedalian!