The Dress and the Girl

Author Camille Andros and illustrator Julie Morstad present the seemingly simple story of a little girl and her favourite dress. Living on a beautiful Greek island, they both dream of a world beyond the horizon they know, as each day, however ordinary, with its chores and tasks, is infused with hope and a desire to leave the island. One day, their dream comes true and the girl and her dress embark on a ship to the United States – only to be separated the moment they reach their new home.

Andros’ story is simple yet affective; her prose is lyrical and sweeping yet contained enough to capture the raw emotion of the journey to a new home, a new world, and the sadness of leaving the home that is known behind.

Morstad’s illustrations are lush and full of texture, providing a strong complement to Andros’ necessarily spare yet emotive text.

A unique and interesting take on the classic themes of immigration, belonging and home, this beautifully conceived picturebook is sure to stay with readers long after they turn the last page. This meditation on the power of objects to contain our memories and structure our lives is as subtle as it is powerful. This is an important story that deserves to be read by readers of all ages.